Tea Storage 101: Or how to make your quality loose leaf tea stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible!

Keeping your tea as fresh as the day you bought it is not complicated. Loose leaf tea should be protected from heat, light, air and moisture. An airtight container such as 3 Teas stainless steel tins are perfect.

Resist the temptation of storing your tea in a clear glass or plastic container, light will degrade your tea quickly.

Keep your tea in your pantry or cupboard and away from any heat source such as your stove or toaster. There is some evidence that storing tea in your refrigerator or freezer can extend the life of your tea, however, be sure to let the tea warm up to room temperature before opening as the cold leaves will attract moisture and degrade your tea. As with any other organic matter, tea, when wet, can create mold and ruin the taste of your cuppa!

Store your tea away from spices or other strong odors. Tea (especially green tea) will take on any odors that it is exposed to.

Keep these tips in mind when you store your tea and you will have the best tasting tea with ever cup!

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