About Us

3 Teas was started by Lesley Robertson, a Nurse Practitioner who was disheartened watching her patients develop chronic conditions as a consequence of  unhealthy lifestyles. After a trip to China opened her eyes to all the possibilities she enlisted her family's help and 3 Teas was born!

Based in Alfred, Ontario, we committed to providing our customers only ethically produced Terrific Tasting Tea. Our philosophy is simple, you do not need sugar or chemicals to have great taste! We source our teas from the best suppliers and tea estates from around the world. Whenever possible we strive to find organic or high mountain grown teas that need the least amount or no  pesticides.

Our teas are packaged in stainless steel tins to prevent light, moisture and oxygen from decreasing the shelf life of the tea. Teas stored this way will remain fresh for up to two years.

We try to minimize our ecological footprint by using recyclable or compostable packaging and shipping supplies. 

From our teapot to yours!


The 3 Teas Team