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Choosing the perfect teapot

Teapots first came into use around the 13th century during the Ming dynasty. The first Chinese teapots were made of purple clay from the Yixing region and are still made in the same way today. These pots are very porous and it is recommended that you use only one type of tea for each pot as the pot will absorb the flavour of that tea. Ceramic teapots first emerged with the European fascination with tea in the 18th century when the East India Company commissioned Chinese to create teapots to their specifications. Ceramic teapots make a good choice as they tend to hold the heat well.

When choosing a pot remember to :

  • Chose a pot with a spout that is level with the rim to ensure a dripless pour.
  • The handle should be comfortable to use and be insulated from the pot.
  • The lid should always have a small hole in it to allow air to escape.
  • Most importantly choose a teapot that you enjoy using and makes you happy!
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