Pu'er Collection

3 Teas



This collection of 9 different mini "toucha" puers will give you a great selection of flavoured puers. If you have always wanted to try puer but did not know where to start here's your chance.

Each tea coin will give you at least 5-7 cups of tea! Try them all or share with friends.

The 9 flavours (with corresponding wrapper color/shape) are :

1. Unflavoured (pink/straight line)

2. Sticky Rice (royal blue/straight line)

3.Lotus Leaf (green/straight line)

4. Chrysanthemum flower (yellow/straight line)

5. Jasmine (cooked) (orange/triangle)

6. Jasmine (raw)(yellow+dark green/triangle)

7. Osmanthus flower(yellow+light green/triangle)

8.  Rose (purple/straight line)

9.Ginseng (dark green/triangle)

All contain Puer tea + flavour

Origin: China

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